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    15800mAh Jump Starter Multi-Function Car AUTO Emergency Back Up Power Bank

    Car emergency power bank
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    Product Specification:
    Item Code: LP-X8
    Charger Mode: 15V 1A
    Battery Capacity: 15800mAh
    Output Voltage: Car port: 12V
    USB: 5V 2A
    DC :12V/16V/19V
    Cycle life: About 1000 times  
    Full charge Time: 4 Hours
    Dimension: 166 x 75 x 28 mm
    Light: LED light&Warning lights
    Warranty: 1 year warranty

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    Original Price: AU $89.43
    Special price: AU $65.45

    Hi Friends! you must ever encounter such problem: car's battery is empty but can't fix right now.It waste time and money!

    Now is the resolution coming! buy our auto emergency jump starter!

    Jumping start of 12V vehicle
    Make sure that electricity power is not less than 60%.
    Connect the red battery clamp of jumper cable to the vehicle's positive(+)battery terminal and connect the black battery clamp of jumper cable to the vehicle's negative(-)battery terminal.
    Plug the cord of jumper cable into the jump socket.
    Start the vihicle.
    When the vehicle starts,remove jumper cable from Jump Starter and disconnect red and black clamps to the vehicle battery terminals within 30 seconds.
    Leave the vihicle's engine running.

    1. Starting your car more than 30 times.
    2. Starting at once even in the cold weather.
    3. Glare lighting for 40 hours
    4. Alarm flashing for 30 hours
    5. SOS signal around 120 hours
    6. Fully charging your cell phone more than 10 times.
    7. Charging your laptop about 3 hours
    8. 4 kind Discharge voltage for option. (5V/12V/16V/19V)
    9. With suitcase convenient for carry 
    Parameter : power bank 





    Peak current


    Starting current




    Parameter : charger of power bank


    100-240VAC 50/60Hz

    Max : 0.3A



    1. Check out the out voltage of the power bank before charging your battery or other things.
    2. Read the product introduction before you using it.
    3. Fully charging the power bank before the first time using.
    1. Turn off it when you don’t need it
    2. Charging the power bank when it unused for a long time.
    3. Don’t connect positive and negative together of the battery clips.
    4. Put the product in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight .
    Package included:
    1. 1 x Power Bank
    2. 1 Pair x Battery clamps
    3. 1 x Car charger
    4. 1 x Notebook adapter cable
    5. 1 x Notebook adapter connector
    6. 1 x 1 to 4 Cell phone cable
    7. 1 x AC Power Charger adapter(US plug)
    8. 1 x Cloth bag
    9. 1 x User manual

    Car emergency power bank description:

    1. We offer 30 Days Money Back, 1 Year Warranty for replacement Car emergency power bank
    2. The Car emergency power bank is Brand New!
    3. We have Great After-Sales Service Department for Car emergency power bank, fast respond to your request!
    4. Fast Delivery for order of replacement Car emergency power bank.
    5. We accept credit card payment through PayPal payment systems.

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